Jack Whitehall At Large

I had booked tickets to see Jack Whitehall back in August for my partners birthday and have been wriggling in my seat, waiting patiently for Sunday 8th January ever since.

Prior to the show we had dinner at 7 Bone Burger Co., an American style restaurant, that serves up some dirtily tasty food. The staff were fantastic and the atmosphere was great. I had the “shuffle to straight time” with a side of fries and it hit the spot! (I’m not sure the picture below will do it justis…)


After dinner, we headed to the venue – Bournemouth International Centre – a superb space for any conference, exhibition or event. What was great, was that from any seat in the BIC Windsor Hall you had an incredible view.


The show kicked off with a guest warm up act who did not fail to get the crowd going – Lloyd Griffith. He dropped some incredibly funny jokes, taught us about the country’s cathedrals and surprised the audience with his breath-taking singing voice. He is one to watch as no doubt he will be appearing on our screens more in the future.

Now for Jack – I had not seen him live before so had no idea what to expect. I understand that some may not like him for his ponciness and desire to please, however his show ‘At Large’ presents him in a mature way, not caring so much whether people like him or not. The show is full of hilarious gags following tales of his temporary American manager Chad, rival Robert Pattison, and his new task of being the voiceover for Asda, despite claiming to have never shopped there! The final joke that detailed Jack’s story of a friends wedding and a game of ‘would you rather…’, as he said made the car journey home a very interesting one!

Whether you are a long term fan of Jack Whitehall or have never heard of him before, the show will not disappoint!

A great show and start to my year. Let me know if you go see it for yourself!

S x


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