3..2..1..Bake off!

On Tuesday 10th January I spent the afternoon with some great people, competitively cooking up delicious treats in a fantastic team building event.

Inspired by the show the nation loves – The Great British Bake Off – Firebird Events has created the next best thing. Instead of watching those mouth watering delicacy’s being cooked up on your TV screens, you get to be creative and show off your own baking skills! I of which, do not have.

Split into teams, we called ourselves “FLOUR POWER” (See what we did there) and were given our ingredients and challenges of what to cook – Cookies, Macaroons and the showstopper – a Victoria sponge.

Given the time limit, team members had to work together to decide the best approach to cooking what first in order to complete all three challenges. Now, we were told that this event can either be a relaxing experience to share with guests or it can be competitive with prizes at stake. I saw no one relaxing! My competitive head was on and I was ready to win!

I realised after cracking an egg on the table, whisking flour down myself and dropping the cookie mix I am not the best baker… I left a lot of the cooking to my team mates and managed to prove myself in the decoration of sweets, icing, sparkles and chocolate. Although I am not sure whether more chocolate made it onto the cake or into my belly…

Once called to STOP BAKING we gathered to showcase our final pieces…Please judge for yourselves!!

Team 1                                                                   Team 2

Unfortunately Flour Power (Team 1) lost the competition. There was 1 point in it! Only 1 point!!!!! And that 1 point was lost due to the cookies and who cooked the cookies…me. The name I gave “Cookie Monster Cookies” didn’t quite have the impact I’d hoped. Once judged and winners announced the only thing left to do was EAT! My stomach is still hurting today.

Overall, I had a really enjoyable experience. The Firebird staff were faultless – turning up in their chef whites really added to the Bake Off atmosphere. They were friendly, helpful and had great knowledge of baking!

The Bake Off event is suitable for up to 100 guests – imagine the competitiveness! It is an experience that will be enjoyed by anyone but in particular it is perfect for those corporate guests that can release their inner fun and show off another side to themselves!

If you are interested in the event please let me know and I can put you in touch!

S x






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