Move over Hamilton 

Okay so maybe I’m jumping ahead of myself as today I realised I am probably the worst racing driver in the world! 

We were invited over to Racezone to have some fun on their virtual racing simulation experiences. And what fun we had! 

The above image gives you an idea of the set up of the venue. They had approx 12 pods set with large screens all ready to race against one another and once you’d put the headphones on you were completely immersed into the experience. 

Now you’d think it’d be easy but no, the cars are unbelievably realistic and sensitive to every turn, brake and accelerate you make. I even somehow managed to flip the car!! I was told that was impressive… 

If you didn’t want to race or you were waiting for your turn, you can still get involved by enjoying a drink at the bar, watching the real time racing on a screen along with being able to view the live leaderboard. 

Yes…that’s my name right at the very bottom. Surprise surprise I came last!! 

Even though I wasn’t the best I had a lot of fun! I would recommend this experience to everyone be it a team building, private party, social night, stag do, or just something to pass the time. 

Please let me know if you’ve done something similar. I would love to know!

S x 


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