DUBAI: Take me back!


It’s Thursday 2nd February and the English weather is not getting any warmer. I (stupidly) decided to delve into my holiday photo albums and am now sat wishing I was somewhere far away on a sandy beach drinking a nice cocktail or two or even three!

As I haven’t had many events to write about this week I thought I would share a throwback to my time in Dubai. Without a doubt it was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had and I was lucky enough to share it with my two best friends.

Fortunately, my friends dad was working in Dubai at the time so we were very lucky to have someone that had the knowledge of the city and knew the best places to go. I would not have known where to start had I travelled alone! We put together an itinerary before we left to make sure we made the most of our trip, which you may think its lame and annoyingly organised however I would highly recommended doing it.

Another tip for travellers is that Dubai is not as expensive as you think! The hotel we booked was extremely reasonable and well within our budget. It had a rooftop pool, breakfast included each day, A NIGHT CLUB and it was situated in the lovely Dubai Marina.


Once settled, and after forgetting to pack sun glasses, what better excuse than to go shopping. The mall was any woman’s dream, it had every fashion shop and restaurant under the sun. If you were going with your husband or children then you could definitely leave them entertained in the aquarium, indoor ice rink or even the indoor ski slope whilst you racked up a bill on the credit card!




Just outside the mall, another site to see was the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai (Dancing) Fountain. What is known as the tallest building in the world was something remarkably spectacular. If you get the chance to go, make sure you visit. Just standing below had the wow factor for me and I truly regret not going up to the top! The fountain is just by the Burj Khalifa and showcases some spectacular performances. I would recommend the night time show, the lights were incredible!




When it comes to night fall, Dubai is not short of its sky bars and city of lights. It is a view that never gets old and is like something that of a movie. Below was one of my favourite images that I took over looking the Marina.


Half way through the trip we decided to take a road trip out of Dubai and visit Abu Dhabi. 2 holidays for the price of 1! The main reason for this was to visit the Sheikh Zayed Mosque which was another jaw dropping view! It was a very touristy spot and the odd thing was a lot of people were asking for pictures with us? Whether it was because we looked odd or they thought we were famous I still don’t know to this date.

Once we had travelled back to Dubai we were invited as VIPs to The Great Indian Dandiya Festival. This was another incredible experience and a great eye opener to other cultures. The night consisted of singers, performances and learning their style of dance. I think I must have danced for 5 hours straight! It was a beautiful festival full off music and lights!


Another day was spent at the Wild Wadi Water Park. Everyone, no matter what age loves a good water park. Not only did I have the best time on the slides but the view was another one of my favourites. The  Burj Al Arab is something I have always wanted to see if I ever had the chance to go to Dubai. I have heard you can go there for afternoon tea which I will definitely do the next time I’m in the area and maybe even stay the night…never gonna happen!


I am going to finish on my all time favourite experience that I had in Dubai – Unlimited brunch and afternoon tea at Atlantis the Palm!!!! You have no idea how happy this day made me, I felt like royalty!

Atlantis The Palm

They had every single cuisine and beverage you could ever think of. Imagine being in food and drink heaven and that was where I was! (Trust me to take pictures of only the desserts). I’m not sure why, but we did pretend it was my birthday and I ended up getting a birthday cake, not that I needed it. There was enough cake there to last my lifetime!

After having one too many alcoholic beverages we thought we were invincible and already knowing we were within a hotel fit for a king and after finding out they had an aquarium with sharks we wanted to explore. Unfortunately we didn’t get very far as round every corner they had security and immediately they knew we were not actual guests at the hotel. It was worth a try.

It is getting late so I am going to leave you there. I have only gone into very small details about the trip and there is so many more things that we experienced! It was a holiday of a life time and I highly recommend visiting Dubai.

I am now very depressed after going through the album and desperately need to book a holiday!

S x




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