Quiz, Cheese & Wine Night 

Come On Bear! 

What I like about a good quiz night is that the event logistics are very straight forward and easy to organise. The set up itself is so simple. All you need is round tables, chairs, projector, screen, mics, music, hosts and a BAR! Oh and not forgetting FOOD! 

Another positive of organising a quiz night is that you are guaranteed a high footfall through the door. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a quiz. 

As well as organising the event, I was able to sit back on the other side and enjoy taking part with my team. After deliberating on team names – Cheeses Christ, Briebok Classics, return of the mac and cheese, we decided on Come on Bear. 

Amongst 7 teams, we completed 10 rounds, plus bonus opportunities to collect further points…

  • Round 1 – General knowledge
  • Round 2 – Sports 
  • Round 3 – Pictures 
  • Round 4 -Riddles 
  • Round 5 – Music 
  • Round 6 – Geography
  • Round 7 – Food 
  • Round 8 – TV 
  • Round 9 – Theme Parks 
  • Round 10 – Entertainment & Current Affairs 

The bonus rounds included keepy ups, gargling the tune, go fetch me…and pin the map which were all great fun and very funny!  

Half way through, at round 5, as organised each team were served their platter of cheese, crackers, chutney and grapes and by golly it was good cheese. Within 10 minutes we had managed to clear the plates and already ask for more. 

Back to the Quiz, and overall we didn’t do too badly. Coming third after two teams drew 1st place (so really I would say we came 2nd however some may argue this) and we lost by only 1 point! So so so annoying but as everyone knows it is the taking part that counts. 

Great hosts and a thoroughly fantastic and funny evening. Let me know if you’re organising your own quiz!! 

S x 


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