Lingfield Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club 

This week we held an offsite meeting at the luxurious 4* hotel – Lingfield Park. From the outside the building is well kept, modern and welcoming to both leisure and corporate guests. 

Greeted by two friendly receptionists we were directed to our conference room (The Boardroom) on the second floor. The reception and bar area were also both clean and contemporary. It felt slightly strange walking past guest bedrooms to reach The Boardroom however this was not considered an inconvienence. 

Outside the room our logo was clearly displayed on the LED screens. We let ourselves in and were very satisfied with the large space, Boardroom style set up and built in AV equipment. As well as this the room has natural daylight and overlooks the beautiful race course with patio doors onto a balcony, should the weather be in your favour. 

Our host introduced himself and addressed all the points that any corporate guest may query – how to connect to the wi-fi, how to set up your laptop, where to go in the event of a fire alarm, how to contact him etc. etc. He then proceeded to point out the refreshment station which neatly laid out and well presented. 

The trianglular stand was so simple yet such an effective design in the room. They had a variety of flavours of tea and what is the best kind of tea you ask….

Afternoon tea! Our host brought in two stands of sweet and savoury treats, giving us a little taste of what the venue can offer. Feeling content, we had our meeting which ran very smoothly. There were absolutely no flaws with the room or AV equipment – both laptop connection and sound worked perfectly without needing any assistance. 

Once the meeting had closed, we had a quick tour around the hotel and spa faculties. It was beautiful, I could have easily booked a room and stayed in the spa all evening – it stays open until 9pm! The hotel overall is pleasant, modern and peaceful. The staff are friendly and attentive to every guest. One thing I would say is that the hotel is more suited to adult and corporate guests and less aimed at children. 

I will definitely be back to visit the spa! 

S x 


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