Blue John Cavern 

I’ve never been the type of person that’s into geology but I have to say the Blue John Cavern experience was rather interesting. 

Before making the final trip up to Newcastle, yesterday we stopped overnight in a friends hometown (Sheffield). We decided to make a day of it and visit Castleton – a small and very country village with old traditional pubs, sweet and gift shops surrounded by hill after hill and after hill.Now I was told this village is famous for the Blue John stone which can only be found here! We thought it would be fun to head down into the cavern for a tour and see what the fuss was all about.  

The price was a little expensive (£9.75 per adult) so I was already expecting big things. After having a quick look around the gift shop and being asked where we had come from because our accent was posh, we entered through a ‘doctor who tardis’ door (random I know) and followed a very narrow and low ceiling pathway through to the first cavern. I can’t remember exactly how many caverns there were in total (around 6 I think) but each one was well lit and had been carefully designed and planned so that the caves were seen at best. There was one point when our tour guide decided to switch off the lights and light a candle to show us what the miners use to see. You can imagine what she did next…blew out the candle so we were in complete darkness! 

Despite this cruel moment our tour guide was very VERY enthusiastic about the caverns. This was great as her interest in the history of the Blue John and they way she spoke about it made it interesting for me. We did ask our tour guide if anyone had died in there but she was hesitant to say the number… 

I myself was pleased to leave the cavern, however my boyfriend on the other hand, after speaking to our tour guide about the people that still explore the caverns to find new caves and more Blue John wants a career in cave climbing and mining…

So overall, although I’m not one usually into history or geology, the experience was interesting and educational and I’m pleased I saw it. I can imagine school groups, geologists and people that love the outdoors would love it!

Right, time for a sausage and bacon sandwich before the final leg to Newcastle! 

S x 


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