Matilda the Musical 

After counting down the days since Christmas, it was finally time to spend an evening with the cruelsome Miss Trunchbull.

Now those that don’t know who Matilda is, firstly have you been living under a rock but secondly the show is based on Roald Dahl’s novel ‘Matilda’ which was later turner into a film. It is the story of a young girl that is neglected by her own family who turns out to be some sort of child genius. Mr and Mrs Wormwood (Matilda’s parents) intensely dislike their daughter and her passion for books, encouraging her to watch more TV like her brother. Mr Wormwood was desperately hoping his wife would deliver a second boy but as this was not the case he still addresses Matilda as a  “boy”, whilst she repeatedly corrects him “I’m a girl”.  When Matilda is old enough to go to school, she impresses her class mates and her teacher Miss Honey with her intelligence. Matilda also faces the principle who has an extreme dislike towards children and prides herself on the trophys she has won from her hammer-throwing. 

We arrived at Cambridge Theatre in good time to collet our tickets, have a drink at the bar and of course buy some sweets for the show! We sat in row B of the upper circle and boy did we have an amazing view. Once seated I waited in anticipation and was beyond excited for the show to start. Remember those sweets I’d brought…yes my partner had finished them by the time the show began…The child actors took to the stage and they blew my mind giving me goose bumps. They were all so young and were incredible in their performances. I asked myself, why did my parents never send me to stage school? 

Every child was faultless in their role. They were supported by a number of older actors who too were fantastic. Miss Trunchbull was played by a young man, Craige Els and he too was brilliant. He made the diabolical Miss Trunchbull from the stories come to life and I bet it isn’t easy being a woman! He nailed it. I can’t forget,  the behind the scenes band who were also remarkable and were well applauded at the end with a standing ovation. 

The theatre always makes for a fantastic evening and who doesn’t love a musical! If you haven’t seen this one yet though I strongly advise you do! It is fantastic, funny and brilliant and probably one of the best shows I have seen in my lifetime. 

Now that I have seen Matilda I have the theatre fever and have been looking going to another show – any recommendations? 

S x 


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