Blacks Burgers & Filfpots 

YES! 4 day weekend! 5pm hit and I was out the office door, doing the happy dance all the way to my car! 

I had tried not to eat too much that day, which is never easy in my office as every way you turn there is cake, chocolate, ice cream, or more cake, but I desperately wanted to leave room for my dinner plans. 

Friends were visiting from Bournemouth and over a year ago on Instagram together we came across a restaurant (Blacks Burgers) which we had desperately wanted to try. Well, since moving back home we found out the restaurant was only 15 minutes round the corner!! The four of us got together for the evening and decided to spoil ourselves and kick of the bank holiday weekend how you should. 

The waitors were friendly and explained how the service works. The menu seemed crazy at first glance but quite simple to understand. It was safe to say my mouth was watering and I almost wanted to skip the main and head straight for dessert. For my main I chose the beef big cheese with the blacks way toppings and skinny fries on the side. Compared to my partner I felt quite boring, as he went with the easter special Camembert wagon wheel burger with an extra patty, about 5 free toppings and skinny friends with a topping of chilli con carne! That was a mouthfall to order at the bar.

I have been to restaurants before of similar style where I am served food in a paper basket covered in grease and fat and it really puts me off but that wasn’t the case here. The food came quickly after ordering and was well presented on a nice clean non greasy plate. I think I got about half way through before I started to struggle but I was determined. It tasted too good to let it go to waste. The beef burger was cooked well, tasted lovely and crumbled in my mouth. I stole half of the Camembert wagon wheel burger from my partner and OH MY I have never tasted anything so incredible. I need to find out where I can buy these to cook myself. Does anyone know? 

After our mains we all sat back far in our seats, looked at each other and wondered if it was possible to eat anymore. Now if you are reading this, I bet you are fully aware that for some interesting reason that nobody quite knows how, but your stomach always feels empty again as soon as you start thinking about dessert. And with the main reason of coming to Blacks Burgers being that the pictures we had seen on Instagram of their FILFPOT Sundaes look to die for we couldn’t stop at just mains! Anyone on a diet look away now…What you are looking at is the Happy Bunny easter special Filfpot sundae. And yes, it tastes as good as it looks. It was a white choc shake, with chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, crumbled malteaser, chocolate sauce, mini eggs, Lindt bunny and malteaser bunnies. Usually this also has a Cream egg on but as I’m not a fan the staff gave an extra choc bunny. I think the picture speaks for itself but it was amazing and well worth feeling uncomfortably full after.

Blacks burgers was a great evening with friends and the staff made us feel very welcome. I highly recommend! I am sure it won’t be long until I’m back and enjoying stuffing my face with another one of their filfpot sundaes! 

S x 


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