GoApe VIP Client Night 

I do love a good networking event, especially when there is something unique involved. My GoApe VIP client night took place on the evening of Tuesday 25th April attracting over 100 guests to the venue!

Complimentary invites were sent to our corporate clients and agencies. Within 5 minutes of sending out the invitations back in March, I had received confirmation from 50 odd guests, so knew people were excited and the evening would be popular. 

Before I knew it, the date came around in a blink and we were set and ready by 2.30pm before the first guests arrived at 3pm. We invited our preferred photo booth supplier Mega Booth who brought along their hippie booth van which was a great addition to the evening. We also had our wildlife centre open and a visit from our little spiky friend – Darwin the Hedgehog. 

Guests were given a complimentary welcome drink on arrival before getting harnessed up and briefed on the high risk activity they were about to face. It wasn’t long before we had guests dotted around up in the trees and on the high ropes. There was a mix of smiles and genuine fear on a lot of faces (especially the mens!) 

However, I can’t speak too soon as when I ended up harnessed and 20ft high in the trees I was definately not smiling. I am pleased I got up there though and faced my fear of heights I didn’t know I had. My particular favourite was the 4 man zip wire to finish the course! 

The evening finished at around 8pm once the final guests had finished the course. Everyone thanked the team for an enjoyable evening and went home with smiles on faces and stories to tell their families and hopefully their colleagues the next day! 

S x 


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